Pure Peppermint - Bar Soap

Pure Peppermint - Bar Soap

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Natural Fragrance:

This invigorating bar is so refreshing and is scented with purely organic peppermint.


Organic coconut oil, water, apricot kernel oil, organic shea butter, organic castor oil, sodium hydroxide*, watermelon seed oil, organic essential oil, beeswax

*Sodium hydroxide is essential in soap-making. This process turn oils into soap and when properly made, none remains after the soap bar has cured.


Approximately 3.5 oz 

How To Use:

Wet the soap bar, lather up and wash all the dirt and worries away. Rinse thoroughly. 

Soap Care:

Natural and handmade soap is best kept on a soap dish that drains well. Keeping your bar completely dry (including from shower steam) between washes helps the longevity and integrity of the bar, as bar soap is water activated.

Other information:

These bars are handmade and cut by us here at Green Theory. There can be slight variations in color and scent due to sourcing only natural ingredients. We do our best to always source from the same suppliers to keep the most consistency but even then, variation is possible! Size can vary slightly also bar to bar but. Each bar is listed at 3.5 oz but it will almost always weight a little more. 

We care deeply that you are satisfied with the products we make here. If you are every unhappy with an order please reach out so we can help you find exactly what you are looking for!